UOWLSS Cards Against Law, Humanities and the Arts Submissions


As this pack of cards will be provided to members of the society, the UOWLSS retains full discretion when deciding any matter pertaining to the ‘Cards Against Humanity’ activity.

By submitting card text you acknowledge you are the owner of the intellectual property you submit and give the UOWLSS unlimited license (including the ability to deal with the intellectual property as if it is our own, licensing others to use the submission) to use the text you submit, through card packs we may publish, social media, video publishing or any other media we feel appropriate.

The UOWLSS reserves the right to reject, alter or exclude any submission as it sees fit (whether from all versions or only some versions).

When submitting a card consider the following guidelines:

  • Cards that are discriminatory based on disability, gender, race, religion or sex will not be allowed.
  • Cards which personally identifies an individual will likely be rejected. Any card which singles out a person or organisation may be rejected. – Feel free to submit these but they will be heavily moderated.
  • Cards which are solely disparaging towards the UOWLSS, UOW Law Faculty or UOW will not be included.
  • Cards which may bring the UOWLSS, UOW Law Faculty or UOW into disrepute will be rejected.
  • Cards which may jeopardise the UOWLSS social media and online accounts will be rejected.
  • Cards submissions will remain anonymous when publishing the cards.
  • When deciding if a card personally identifying a person shall be allowed, the person may be contacted however your name will not be given unless the UOWLSS decides the submission may constitutes a breach of the UOWLSS Constitution or Regulations, UOW Policies or the law.

Pod Points:

  • Accepted Submission: 2 points – Max 20 per person
  • Rejected Submission which blatantly disregards content guidelines: -5 points
  • Submission rejected as card personally identifies a person: 0 points unless the UOWLSS decides the submission may constitutes a breach of the UOWLSS Constitution or Regulations, UOW Policies or the law.

Guide to Writing a Good Card


Calls (Black Cards): Write as sentences using proper punctuation and capitalization.

  • Good: The latest Californian fad is _.
  • Bad: the latest Californian fad is _.
  • Bad: The latest californian fad is _

Responses (White Cards): Only capitalize proper nouns and generally exclude punctuation.

  • Good: yoga classes with Batman
  • Bad: yoga classes with Batman.
  • Bad: Yoga classes with Batman


Call and response phrasing must match (All Cards). Ideally, calls should prompt noun-like responses.

  • Bad: last night we jump up and down.
  • OK: last night we decided to jump up and down.
  • Best: last night was full of jumping up and down.


An underscore (_) indicates where a response (White Card) fits into a call (Black Card). Use up to three.

  • Good: I always say _ makes a great gift.
  • Good: _ is the best thing about _.
  • Good: What makes a great gift? _
  • Bad: What makes a great gift?

Source: https://www.cardcastgame.com/build