Pod Cup

The Pod Cup is a first year initiative that consists of a list of challenges for each pod to attempt during the first few weeks of Autumn session. The aim of the Pod Cup is to increase interaction between first year law students and their peers, as well as the Law Students’ Society. To show completion of Pod Cup challenges please send videos, photos, and other appropriate forms of evidence to podcup@uowlss.net or on the form found on this page. You will find more information by checking out our First Year Guide.

Earning Points

Complete the Scavenger Hunt on O-Day with 75% of your POD left at the end 200 points (on top of all the points for Scavenger hunt)
Follow the LSS on Socials (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) 20 Points per person (for atleast 3 socials)
A POD member participates in an UOWLSS competition 100 points per person per competition
10 members from your POD attend the Cocktail Party 300 points
Member of your POD donates blood 150 points per donation
HD in any assignment 50 points per assignment (maximum 1,000 per pod)
POD members change their Facebook display pictures to your POD number 20 points per member
‘On Wednesdays, we wear pink’ POD photo (get creative) max 500 points [25 points per person]
Run for First Year Rep or South Western Sydney First Year Rep 50 points per member of pod who runs
POD study group selfie with 5+ members 60 points
Selfie with the UOWLSS President (aka Theo Totsis) with at least 10 members 100 points
POD lunch date somewhere on campus (or virtually) with at least 5 members 50 points per 5 persons (max 200 points)
Share a Facebook Post made by the LSS Facebook page 10 points per share per person (max 50 per person)
Take a whole POD selfie with your a seminar leader (with their consent) 50 points
Photo at UniBar with 10+ members of the POD (or a UniBar themed virtual photo….) 100 points
Photo at Wollongong Lighthouse with 5+ members of the POD 150 points
Have a coffee with a member of the UOWLSS Committee 30 points
When asked to give a summary of the facts of a case, provide a pre-prepared rap of the facts 150 points
Complete and record a Carpool Karaoke 200 points
Get 80% of your POD to join a class with a pod themed virtual background 100 points
Create a law school meme Up to 200 points
Give a case summary as a rap in a seminar and record it on TikTok Up to 400 points
Complete the UOW LSS TikTok Challenge (more info coming soon) Up to 500 points

Up to 50 points bonus per activity for creative virtual alternatives (max 150 per POD).

More challenges will appear throughout the year.

All challenges completed in person must be done in a socially distanced manner!

Scavenger Hunt

Find the room for your first seminar (UOW Map or Zoom link) 50 points
Find out what ‘Honours’ is defined as in the First Year Guide 50 points
Find Theo (the UOW LSS President) on the website 5 points each
Make a pod group chat and get everyone in it 100 points
Add yourself to the First Year Law FB Group 5 points each
Register to be a member of the UOW LSS 10 points each
Find out how to get to Moodle 50 points
Find your subject coordinator for Crim A 50 points
List your week 2 readings for Foundations of Law 100 points
Everyone Download the MyUOW App 50 points

Note: Scavenger Hunt activities must be completed and submitted on Orientation Day to be valid.

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