Negotiations Competition

What is it?

This competition is designed for the diplomatic. The Negotiations Competition gives students the chance to hone their skills at the negotiating table.

Two teams, each of two solicitors, meet to discuss a dispute between their clients. Each team is provided with a description of the fact scenario. Some facts are known to both teams, but each team has some secrets too. Each team is also armed with instructions from their client detailing exactly what outcome they should seek – and what should be avoided at all costs.

The winner is not necessarily the team that walks away with the better deal, but the one which gets closest to their client’s wishes. The winner of this competition will receive the opportunity to attend the national ALSA Negotiation Competition!

When is it?

Registrations for the 2022 Ashurst Negotiations Competition have now closed.

Previous Winners

2022 – Kristie Evans and Sarah Masluk

2020/21 – Annissa Jason and Darcy-Forrester-Sach

2019 – Charlie Gonzales and Lara Fitton