Mooting is an activity undertaken by law students to simulate experiences which occur in court once a member of the profession. It involves two teams (usually of 2 or 3 members) conducting sides of an appeal from a lower court, arguing points of law rather then facts. Competitors are judged on presentation and the arguments which must be researched thoroughly before the actual moot.

Mooting is a rewarding co-curricular activity to develop skills inherent to the legal profession as well as aiding your future legal studies. Students are welcome and encouraged to compete, whether in the junior or senior moot. Participation is highly esteemed throughout the legal profession, and a great way to enhance your resume and confidence.

Competitors should note that mooting is a preparation-intensive competition – expect to dedicate many hours researching and preparing!

An information session, as well as a guidebook, will be provided for you before the competition commences.

Mooting at UOW

There are a number of competitions at the University of Wollongong in which students can participate.

  • The Junior Moot – Generally for students in their first or second years of law school.
  • The Senior Moot – Generally for students in their third year or above.
  • The Women’s Moot – An annual competition exclusively for female law students.
  • The UOW Criminal Law Moot – An external competition held at the University of Wollongong where students moot exclusively about criminal law.
  • External Moots – There are a number of other external mooting competitions featuring many areas of law which may be entered by students.