Law Ball 2019

Are you Ready?

Essential Details:

Less than 24 Hours until another great Law Ball kicks off!

– Entry into The Lagoon will begin around 6:00 PM
– Remember to bring your ticket and have it ready at the door!
– ID is required so make sure you bring it with you

This post will hopefully answer any questions you have about the night and give you a brief rundown on how it will work. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the UOWLSS Facebook page via message and UOWLSS Committee Members will be around to help out on the night.

As you are all likely aware, the tickets and event posts have listed the running time of Law Ball 2019 for 6:30->11:30 PM – Entry to The Lagoon will actually begin at 6:00 PM. The open bar will close at 11:30PM however the party does not stop there!
– We will begin scanning tickets and allowing entry into Law Ball at approximately 6PM. This will be a great opportunity to get some photos both in The Lagoon and in the surrounding areas.
– Canapes and drinks will begin at 6:30, with dinner starting at 7:30 and desert finishing around 10.
– The bar will close at 11:30.
– There has been some small changes to table positions. Please check on our website to see the updated layout of tables.
– You must sit on the table your ticket is for unless you have been contacted by a member of the UOWLSS Committee with a re-allocation of table. Seats are not individually numbered and as such you may sit at any seat on your table. Let the wait staff know of your dietary requirements when they are delivering dishes to tables.

– Please have your tickets ready to present at the door. We suggest just having it open on your phone. We simply need to scan the QR code to check the ticket.
– Ensure your ticket has your name on it. If you have transferred tickets with someone else make sure to contact the UOWLSS before the event so we can note it down.
– Have your ID with you in case you need it at any time in the night.
– If you have lost your ticket, you can quickly download it again by going to our website, signing in, Clicking orders (on the left side of the page), chose your Law Ball order, and you will be able to download every ticket you purchased. (If you didn’t purchase the ticket, have the person who purchased it for you download the ticket)

– We will have a Photographer around all night, make sure to get some photos taken by him. These photos will become available on our website in the days following Law Ball.
– We will also have a DJ, playing some relaxing tunes and then lighting up the Dance Floor later in the night.
– * NOTE: * The Dance Floor Area may have stage lights, strobes and commercial smoke machine in operation. This will be outside and only used later in the night however if you have any health issues (such as epilepsy) which may be affected by these products please avoid the area. If you have any concerns please contact the UOWLSS Facebook Page.
– The newly elected members of the UOWLSS Committee and Executive for 2020 will be announced during the night. There will also be a short speech on the progress the UOWLSS has made this year.
– There will be buses running from The Lagoon into Central Wollongong to continue the party! These will run from 11:30 until 1 AM.

– Last, but definitely not least: OPEN BAR until 11:30 PM