Junior Mooting

What is it?

The Junior Moot competition is available only to first and second year law students.

It is ideal for those students who are eager to practice their mooting skills and expand their knowledge before facing more experienced mooters.

The content covered in this competition features criminal or contract law based questions and scenarios. These will typically occur in an appeals setting before the NSW Court of Appeal.

The Junior Moot is a highly educational and rewarding experience to compete in. Those students that compete in the Junior Moot find it to provide excellent assistance and guidance toward their preparation for the mandatory mooting assessment undertaken in the second year subject, Administrative Law.

Further to this, the Junior Moot enables competitors to engage with and reflect on the constructive criticism they receive and apply this to future studies and practice.

It is undeniably, one the most formative and worthwhile opportunities available to first and second year law students at the University of Wollongong.

As of 2020, the Junior Moot will also be held at the South Western Sydney University campus!

When is it?

Registrations for the Junior Moot generally open around the start of the Spring Session at UOW. 

Further information and dates will be made available through our social media channels and published onto our calendar.

Previous Winners

2019- Annissa Jason and Ruby Evans

2018 – Jackson Cocks and Zane Wilde

2017 – Quynh-Nhu Nguyen and Tahlia Jackson

2016 – Justin Pasqualino and Matthew Gardner

2015 – Mungo Skyring and James Moore