Your First Year


Important Things To Know

First Year Elections

First year elections will take place at the end of your Foundations of Law lecture in week 3. Calls for nominations will be made shortly which will require a short written statement as well as your details. You will also be required to give a short speech/presentation infront of your cohort before voting occurs.

Voting for the elections will take place in the elections over a secured electronic voting platform. Those who do not attend the lecture will not be able to vote.

Important Apps

Need some apps to help you at UOW?

  • Safezone: UOW Security app which allows for you to call for escorts at night and call for assistance in emergencies.
  • UOW SOLS: This app gives you easy access to your MySOLS account for managing your courses.
  • Lost on Campus: A 3rd party app which provides a map of UOW with your live location to help you find rooms.
  • UniLife: A new app which helps connect you with clubs and events on campus.

First Year Guide

This guide is produced by the UOW Law Students’ Society every year to provide first year students at UOW with information on the UOWLSS, tips for doing well in their degree and having a good night out! This guide will answer many questions first year students will have facing the daunting task of commencing university.

The final version of this years guide was released on 24 February 2021. Click the link to get a copy of the guide.

First Year Mentoring

The First Year Mentoring Program is now in its fifth year and the UOWLSS recruits enthusiastic and outgoing mentors to help future students by sharing their experiences and becoming a support network for our newest students.

The Program runs for 3 sessions in the first half of Autumn Session, meeting for a minimum of one hour every two weeks. Mentors will be in groups, meeting with their small group of first year students to pass on their knowledge and tips for surviving their first year of law and helping the transition to university.

If you wish to know who the mentors are for your pod please contact Jacob May, Vice-President (Education).

Pod Cup

The Pod Cup is a first year initiative that consists of a list of challenges for each pod to attempt during the first few weeks of Autumn session. The aim of the Pod Cup is to increase interaction between first year law students and their peers, as well as the Law Students’ Society.

At the end of the first session of university the pod with the largest number of points will earn a prize. While the prize is yet to be confirmed we have it on good authority that a bar tab is available.

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