UOWLSS Faculty Feedback Conduit Subcommittee

What we do?

With the University having transitioned to online learning, students are facing new and unique circumstances affecting their learning. The UOWLSS provides feedback to the School of Law in an effort to improving student experience with online learning through providing feedback and suggestions on current and future practices. The Faculty Feedback Conduit Subcommittee aims to offer a way for students to provide feedback to the School of Law whilst remaining anonymous. Feedback may also include suggestions for future practices, issues students are having in regards to their learning (barriers, ect.) and incidents which affect the student cohort as a whole.

The Faculty Feedback Conduit Subcommittee would appreciate any feedback of students in relation to the academic delivery of their degree in Session 2, 2020. The Subcommittee also requests that if a student raises an issue, they also provide a possible solution to the issue in their email to the Subcommittee. Emails sent to the primary email address of any email address of a member of the Subcommittee (listed below) will be considered by the Subcommittee. The Subcommittee aims to reply to all emails within three (3) working days, however, all members are volunteers and reply times are limited by their availability.

This Subcommittee is not able to provide academic advice to students or address incidents which have only affected one student. In these circumstances the Subcommittee suggests you make use of the support services listed under ‘Other Resources’ below.

Confidentiality and Privacy

This Subcommittee has been setup to provide students a confidential method of providing feedback and to the School of Law. To this end, members of the Subcommittee will not release identifying information about a person who provides feedback without their explicit written permission.

When emailing feedback@uowlss.net, identifying information will only be available to the executive members of this Subcommittee as well as the President of the UOWLSS. This information will not be shared with other members of the Subcommittee.

Identifying information will also include details of particular incidents which have occurred where a singular or small group of students could be readily identified.

Any questions in regards to your privacy and confidentiality may be forwarded to feedback@uowlss.net. There may be some circumstances where the Subcommittee must release information when required by law or  Subcommittee rules and regulations, however the student will be consulted in this process.

Please remember to be courteous and understanding when contacting Subcommittee members. Abusive, harassing or otherwise inappropriate conduct towards members may be reported to external bodies as determined by the Subcommittee Executive.

Who we are?

The Faculty Feedback Conduit Subcommittee is made up of the following members:

Executive Members:

Jackson Cocks – Chair – feedback@uowlss.net

Sabrina Beydoun – Deputy Chair – feedback@uowlss.net

General Members

Aidan Naine – First Year Representative (WOL) – firstyearrep@uowlss.net

Aly Jones – First Year Representative (SWS) – firstyearsws@uowlss.net

Carlo Teodorowych – Second Year Representative (WOL) – secondyear@uowlss.net

Mahmoud Joumaa – Second Year Representative (SWS) – secondyearsws@uowlss.net

Joanne David – Mature Age Representative – matureage@uowlss.net

Andrew Mastroianni – Education Officer – socialjustice@uowlss.net

The Subcommittee is set to conclude at the end of the 2020 Academic Year.


Have no hesitation contacting your representative to discuss any academic issues arising from subject delivery or broad School of Law policy.

Other Resources

The University of Wollongong has a number of other support services available for students. Students are encouraged to reach out for support when they feel it would help them in their studies or broader life.

LHA Faculty Representatives (2020 Contact After Faculty Realignment)

Theodore Totsis – LHA Undergraduate Student Representative – tt570@uowmail.edu.au

___ – LHA International Student Representative –

UOW Support Services

Ann-Maree Smith – BAL Student Support Advisor – ssa-bal@uow.edu.au

Dr Kylie Lingard – Head of Students (Law) – Submit an Enquiry Online

Student Advocacy Officers – student-advocacy@uow.edu.au

UOW Counseling Services – reception-counselling@uow.edu.au

UOW After Hours Crisis Support – Call 1300 036 149 or Text 0488 884 164