Education Portfolio

The Education Portfolio supports and enriches the academic lives of students beyond the classroom, while also representing student concerns. This involves representing students on every level through a range of Committees and the Australian Law Students’ Association (ALSA).

Some of the programs in the Education Portfolio include First Year Mentoring, Wellbeing events, the production of this Guide, the Women in Law Luncheon, and the Inspire Evening.


UOW LSS is always in discussion with the Faculty, University and ALSA on a number of issues. If you have any questions relating to your degree, please contact VP Education, Jacob May at

Diversity & Inclusion

This year, the UOW LSS is renewing its commitment to supporting students of diverse backgrounds and experiences. This includes, but is not limited to, diversity as to race, heritage, belief, ideology, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.
The UOW LSS is now a member of the Welcome Here Project, an initiative designed for the celebration of LGBTQIA+ diversity.

Team Members

Jacob May

Jacob May

Vice President (Education)
Jacob May
Hi, my name is Jacob May, and I am the UOW LSS Vice President for Education for the 2021 term. My pronouns are he/him.

I am currently completing my fourth year of a Law/Arts double degree, majoring in Japanese. My interests include linguistics and the way language shapes the law. I am also currently studying Norwegian, and wish to go on exchange in order to improve my proficiency.

Recently, I have been involved in administrative operations at Port Kembla Hospital, tutored Japanese, attended leadership bootcamps, and conducted research and related tasks within the Law Faculty.

As your VP (Education) for 2021, and in celebration of the LSS’ 30th anniversary, I wish to bring you all a variety of new skill-building opportunities to complement the knowledge gained in class. We have some crash-courses in the works, as well as some collaborations with the Competitions Portfolio.
As the leader of the LSS’ Wellbeing and Equity initiatives, I also hope to open up the many avenues of support available at UOW, through First Year Mentoring, the First Year Guide, Wellbeing Wednesday and Wellbeing Brunches. As a society, we have also renewed our commitment to diversity and inclusion, through modifying our procedures, and becoming listed under ACON’s Welcome Here Project.

If anyone has any questions about the Education portfolio or just want to chat, please do not hesitate to reach out. I wish everyone a year full of productivity and success!



Raniya Dass

Raniya Dass
My name is Raniya and I am the Sydney Campuses Director for 2021. I am currently in my fourth year of the Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Law degree. As the Sydney Campuses Direcotr, I am committed to helping SWS and CBD students thrive in their university experiences through both academic and social initiatives. My goal is to ensure that issues, needs and wants are being addressed with consideration of the unique nature of the South Western Sydney and Sydney CBD campuses; and to help create an environment of growth in coordination with my fellow LSS members.


Mary Joseph

Mary Joseph
My name is Mary Joseph and I am your Access Officer for 2020 in the UOWLSS. I am currently in the second year of my Bachelor of Law/Psychological Science degree. As a part of the Education Portfolio, I hope to help raise awareness of issues that any member of the LSS are feeling as well as making sure that wherever I can, your accessibility and mental health needs are met. I’m really excited for the year to come and hope to do my best to meet your expectations.


Andrew Mastroianni

Andrew Mastroianni
My name is Andrew Mastroianni and I am the 2020 Social Justice Officer for UOW LSS. I am in my penultimate year of studying a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics and am super passionate about helping the disadvantaged/under-represented in our community. My goal for 2020 is to ensure that all law students at UOW have their voices heard!

Georgia Lewis

Georgia lewis
Hi! My name is Georgia and I am the LSS Equity Officer for 2020. I am in my final year of Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce. As Equity Officer, I am committed to ensuring and promoting equitable opportunities for everyone. As part of this role, I will be organising events at UOW that promote equity in a range of ways, as well as supporting students who feel that there is injustice or inequality in any aspect of their law education and the UOW law community. I’m looking forward to what will hopefully be a productive and successful year ahead. If anyone has any questions or concerns about current equity issues, feel free to contact me!