Client Interview Competition

What is it?

In Client Interviewing, a team of two lawyers interviews a potential client in order to understand their legal situation, and suggest some possible areas of future action by both the client and the lawyer. The trick of client interviewing lies in the interviewer’s ability to obtain all relevant information from the client, identify possible ethical issues, and communicate effectively with his or her legal partner.

In both client interviewing and negotiation, teams are offered time at the conclusion of the negotiation or interview to speak with the judge, point out any areas in which they may have done better, and highlight any successful tactics that were employed.

An information session will be provided for you before the competition commences.

When is it?

The Client Interviewing Competition is to be held during the Autumn session. Further dates and details will be made known via our social media platforms as well as our calendar when they are confirmed.

Previous Winners

2019- Analise Ritchie and Brooke Evans

2018 – Lara Fitton and Charlie Gonzalez

2017 – John Inan and Rhian Bartley

2016 – Isabella Rosandic and Mikaela Romelingh

2015 – Samuel Bargwanna and Rhian Bartley

2014 – Samuel Bargwanna and Erin Doyle

2013 – James Rueda and Chris Husband