Katrina (Beretov) Trajcevski
Hi! My name is Katrina, but feel free to call me Kat (she/her). I am the UOWLSS Wollongong campus’ first year representative. I currently study a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and Bachelor of Laws, hoping to specialise in family and criminal law, and work closely in the department of Domestic Violence. This year, I work closely with our Marketing portfolio, supported by our VP Mahmoud Joumaa, and our Second Year Representatives; Isabella Waldie for Wollongong and Aly Jones for SWS.

I am striving to ensure the first year law cohort of 2021 develops their leadership capabilities, professional and academic skill building through promoting networking events and workshops.

I come from a Macedonian background, hence my free time is spent cooking traditional cuisine with my grandparents and discussing folk literature with them. I have a strong interest in sociolinguistics and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities; you’ll find me reading a lot on intercultural discourse in Australia.

UOW is already very student and community focused, I want to make sure every first year laws student — from all walks of life — are represented.We study to make a change; either in our personal lives or another’s. Every person deserves the comfort of feeling like they belong