Andrew Mastroianni
Think of me as the President’s right hand person! My name is Andrew Mastroianni (he/him) and I’m the Vice President (Administration) for 2021. I work closely with all of our executives and their portfolios to ensure the UOW LSS runs smoothly and continues to effectively engage with our student body.

As you can see from the first sentence, we intend to have a strong focus this year on making the UOW LSS a more diverse and inclusive society. Starting university is always a new and different experience but we want all of you, no matter your differences, to feel safe and heard. This sort of commitment is just one example of the work I will be focusing on as Vice President (Administration). Areas such as sustainability, leveraging our network of global campuses and our post COVID-19 response will also be my focus this year. If you need anything at all from the UOW LSS, have some innovative ideas you think could
enhance how we do things or want to have a chat about what I do, please email me