The Australian Law Students Association (ALSA) is a national not-for-profit association comprising all Law Student Societies and Law Student Associations, representing approximately 28,000 law students.

The ALSA committee meets on a weekly basis and is truly representative of the nation with elections open to any law student in Australia. In both April and September the President and VP education from each Law School Society attend a three-day council.

The council is a time for mediated discussion, collective brainstorming and united direction. Issues as diverse as mental health, website design and efficiency in event organisation are all discussed.

The ALSA executive all publish a number of reports throughout the year to aid student development, which can be found here.

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ALSA Conference

Each July, ALSA holds a conference inviting every Law School from Australia and New Zealand to participate either as a competitor, councillor or general delegate. This conference serves as a National competition for the variety of events hosted by ALSA, a forum for discussion of the permeating issues affecting Law Students on a national level and a networking opportunity for students from across Australia and New Zealand to foster into their professional careers. On top of this keynote speakers address all delegates on a daily basis, and workshops are run to improve technique for competitions.




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